Yonhap News TV Live (Korean)

Yonhap News Agency (연합뉴스) is a major South Korean news agency. It is based in Seoul, South Korea. Yonhap provides news articles, pictures and other information to newspapers, TV networks and other media in South Korea.

Yonhap (pronounced [jʌ̹n.ha̠p̚], Korean: 연합; Hanja: 聯合; RR: Yeonhap; MR: Yŏnhap; lit. United) was established on 19 December 1980, through the merger of Hapdong News Agency and Orient Press. The Hapdong News Agency itself emerged in late 1945 out of the short-lived Kukje News, which had operated for two months out of the office of the Domei, the former Japanese news agency that had functioned in Korea during the Japanese colonial era.