DZRH News Live

DZRH News Television (stylized as DZRHTV or RHTV in capital letters) is a Philippine pay television news channel owned by Manila Broadcasting Company. Its programs are primarily from MBC’s flagship radio station DZRH and station-produced programs, occupied by the timeslots of radio dramas.

DZRH News Television is the second free-to-air channel that re-broadcasts news from a radio station, after DZMM (now DWPM) launched its own TV channel, while other stations soon followed such as DZRJ (for Radyo Bandido TV), DWIZ (for Aliw Channel 23), 92.3 Radyo5 True FM (for One PH), Radyo Veritas (for Veritas TeleRadyo), and Radyo Pilipinas 1 (for Radyo Pilipinas 1 Television). The channel is also livestreaming on YouTube.