Canal 7 Mendoza en vivo

LV 89 began broadcasting on February 7, 1961, from the Edificio Gómez in the city center; it was the first station in Mendoza. Juan Gómez López, who had built the structure, had always planned for it to house a television station; however, he died in 1960, before it could be completed. The station was nationalized in 1973 during the interim presidency of Raúl Alberto Lastiri and returned to private control under the ownership of Jorge Estornell in 1983. Two years later, the transmitter site was moved from Mendoza to Cerro Arco, improving channel 7’s coverage area; purpose-built studios were completed in 1994.

Grupo Uno, predecessor to Grupo América, acquired LV 89 and two other interior stations in 1997.

Several local programs are produced, including newscasts, Noticiero Siete, and the local morning show Hola Mendoza.